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Why Bramer Sod Farms?

"Turf Grass must be harvested and installed in the shortest period of time possible."

If this fact is true, then why Bramer Sod Farms? Bramer Sod Farms has the capability to:

      Prepare the customer's job site or home lawn

      Harvest turf

      Complete the installation of turf

through one company. This allows for all the main factors for a successful installation to be controlled by Bramer Sod Farms. Add in over 40 years of experience and a locally owned company and it's easy to see that this increases the success rate of each job!

We also supply many contractors and landscaping businesses in Louisville, Lexington and Southern Indiana with quality turf. It is our quality products that keep them coming back year after year.

Bramer Sod Farms offers all types of seeding and erosion control, as well as a complete lawn renovation. This renovation includes removing existing vegetation and replacing it with top quality turf.

From contractors to the individual home owner, Bramer Sod Farms can offer you a quality product and complete service. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Bramer Sod Farms Advantages

Bramer Sod Farms Advantages

If you have any questions or requests, fill out our form for sod and turf product requests or call us at (502) 499-6711 and we'll get back to you!